James J. Burke

Case Studies

For more than 30 years the Law Offices of James J. Burke, LTD. and our affiliated firms have successfully litigated many interesting and sizable cases. Take a look at these examples:

At the time of her injury, our client was living in a CHA building. The elevators in the building weren’t working properly, despite many complaints from tenants. Our client was forced to use the stairway, which wasn’t lit properly and littered with debris. Due to these conditions, she fell and severely fractured her right leg. Through aggressive litigation we were able to negotiate an award of nearly $150,000.

The number one ranked basketball player in the country died after sustaining a gunshot wound. This unfortunate incident was further complicated by him receiving inadequate emergency medical care. A confidential settlement was obtained for his estate.

Our client was walking on a city sidewalk when he slipped and fell into a puddle. The fall caused his arm to touch a live electrical wire that workers had left there. He suffered serious burns that required the amputation of his hand. A settlement award was negotiated with numerous defendants for our client in the amount of $2.9 million.

Our client’s two daughters were attacked by the same neighborhood dog but on different dates. On both occasions, the dog’s owner left his gate open, allowing the animal access to the children. The girls were bitten and suffered some permanent scarring. We were able to negotiate settlements for both of them that included the estimated cost of future plastic surgery.